Fair question: Michael Rundle is an editor, writer, digital artist and musician.

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2 the highway

An RPG mystery tour through 1997


It begins like so many adventures: A boy awakes in his bed in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, in October 1997, and can’t seem to get past a pile of boxes. 

From there he will travel across dimensions, through space in time, and to the garden and back, to discover the meaning of existence.

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Allegorical football

'GRIDIRON 1984’ is a version of American Football designed for some non-existent computer from an alternate past, where a dystopian regime banned all sports, but then decided to recreate them for a series of abstract video games to appease a restless population. Released January 2016.

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by Heroes of the Revolution

Various bits of improvised music I have made and released on the internet over the years, under a few different guises and personas.


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michaelrundle.com: The

Text Adventure


A previous version of michaelrundle.com took the form of a deliberately obtuse and difficult to navigate text adventure, which had many secrets including a search for englightenment, a room where you could draw on the walls, and a musical mini-quest. It is archived here for your pleasure.